The Great Bubble Barrier 

Plastic vervuiling uit rivieren verwijderen met luchtbellen

Every day, an incredible amount of waste ends up in the water, where it causes great damage to the environment and people. Waste can be captured before it reaches the oceans. However, current solutions only reach a small part of the river or hinder shipping and fish migration. We have developed an elegant solution that blocks plastic but allows ships and fish to pass: a barrier of air bubbles.

Air is pumped through a perforated tube at the bottom of the waterway, creating air bubbles. Those air bubbles form a bubble screen that stops plastic throughout the water column and moves it to the surface. The diagonal placement of the Bubble Barrier in the waterway then guides plastic pollution towards the side and into the collection system.

    The Great Bubble Barrier stops plastic pollution in rivers and canals before it reaches our oceans. We do this by means of the following four pillars:

    • Removing plastic pollution from waterways through the Bubble Barrier.
    • Ensuring a sustainable processing of the captured plastic.
    • Monitoring plastic pollution in waterways to support the development of policies and additional measures.
    • Creating awareness to prevent plastic pollution.
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    Saskia, Francis, Philip & Anne Marieke
    Wij zijn Saskia, Francis, Anne Marieke & Philip. We delen al bijna 10 jaar een passie voor water en dromen we van een duurzamere wereld. Met onze Bubble Barrier maken we rivieren plastic vrij.

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