The ECO coin 

The ECO coin is a digital currency rewarding people who are actively contributing to a more sustainable world.

It seems strange that businesses can make money from cutting down the forest and turning it into a raw material, but people are not paid to plant the forest. We know money is a great way to incentivise people so what if we could design a new system that rewarded people for their actions not only to limit damages but usefull to improve our ecology? What if we paid people to act in a more sustainable way? 

The ECO is a digital currency coin that positively rewards people who are actively contributing to a more sustainable world. It is a bottom-up approach that's designed to work on both a community and global level. Currently we are experimenting with communities to bring the ECO coin into reality, with our first trial at DGTL festival this year. 40,000 visitors to the festival were printable to earn ECOs by carrying out sustainable actions and were rewarded with digital downloads, beer and sustainable access to a secret club oniste. 

We will keep growing and testing the ECO coin in the coming months, eventualy turning it into a crypto-currency running on a sustainable blockchain. This will allow anyone in the world to earn and spend ECOs, helping us all to balance our economy and ecology. 


We are currently looking for a Technical lead to help us build our vision. More information at

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Lewis is a post disciplinary designer using tools, techniques and ideas from various design and creative disciplines. He strives to combine both a systems and human-centric approach to explore complex social issues on a global and human scale. His practise focuses on sustainability in the widest sense of the word, whether economic, environmental or social. Lewis is currently the Project lead for the ECO coin at Next Nature Network. He believes that design can not only show us what a better future looks like, but it can also enable people and communities to take steps towards that future.

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