Mylium: schimmeltextiel 

We grow quality fabrics using our safe and clean fungal technology.

Luxury fabrics are often animal-derived. However, cruelty-free sourcing can’t be guaranteed as it is difficult to trace back the origin of animal products. Animal-based fabrics, such as leather, silk and wool, are also less sustainable compared to synthetic or plant-based fabrics. But these alternatives do not offer the same comfort.

Mylium developed a clean production method for quality fabrics that are vegan AND have a luxury appeal. Our fabrics are produced using mycelium, the thread-like root structure of mushrooms. These threads extend, branch, and weave together to form a naturally woven sheet. Mycelium sheets are lightweight and flexible, they have a foamy texture, they insulate and they have an appealing silky look and touch. The result is a naturally grown fabric with a unique combination of plastic and animal-based characteristics. We will sell our fabric to ethical brands and manufacturers in various industries, such as the fashion and upholstery industry.

We develop our mycelium fabric at our own lab facility in Wageningen. Our R&D team consists of fungal and biotechnology experts and has a strong focus on sustainability and scalability.

We envision a safe and clean material production process, where nothing is wasted. We find our inspiration in nature, where resources are carefully recycled. The responsibility of recycling resources lies with an organism that can turn nature’s leftover biomass into new functional biomass: the fungus. Because of their vital role fungi are abundant in our environment. Already for centuries mycelium is appreciated and cultivated in food, feed and medicinal industries. Mylium introduces the fungal power into flexible materials as well. 

Our materials will be fair produced under good working conditions. Leather needs toxic chrome tanning, but we will only use safe post-treatment processes of our mycelium fabric. We mimic animal-based properties even though there were no animals involved. So consumers are ensured that our material is free from animal-cruelty practices. Our production technology also increases the transparency in the fashion chain. It is based on indoor cultivation techniques which makes it suitable for local production. We can thereby avoid the huge transportation distances that are standard for animal- and plant-based fabrics.

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Iris Houthoff founded Mylium in 2018. She is a part-time lecturer at the Bioprocess Engineering Group at Wageningen University & Research and has a strong passion for bio-based and circular innovations. With Mylium she aims to introduce new sustainable materials into our society. She also loves the adventurous life and networking opportunities that entrepreneurship offers.

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