Mylium - fungal textile 

Scaling circular fashion with fungal text
Mycelium textile sheets

We produce high-tech textiles with mycelium, the thread-like structure of mushrooms.

Fungi play a major role as decomposers and recyclers in nature. They break down organic matter that otherwise would not be recycled and use it to grow new biomass. At Mylium we use fungal growth to upcycle waste streams into biobased and circular textiles.

We develop our mycelium fabric at our lab facility in Wageningen. Our production process allows for industrial production on roll and in bulk quantities to meet the growing demand.

We grow our mycelium on agricultural residue streams and produce a durable material. Our mycelium textile is vegan, biobased and has the potential to be fully recylcable. We do not tan our textile with chrome, as is the case with leather, and we do not use toxic solvents, which is the case with synthetic leather. 

We are fully committed to setting up a transparant and fair production chain, and we are looking into options to collect our material back from consumers to recycle it.

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Iris Houthoff founded Mylium in 2018. She is a part-time lecturer at the Bioprocess Engineering Group at Wageningen University & Research and has a strong passion for bio-based and circular innovations. With Mylium she aims to introduce new sustainable materials into our society. She also loves the adventurous life and networking opportunities that entrepreneurship offers.

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