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Zero Waste T-shirts On Demand

Tshared is online kleding platform waar consumenten, JIJ dus, kunnen stemmen en kopen van een uniek grafisch ontwerp, achteraf produceren we

At this moment there is 30% 0verproduction into the fashion market, products that consumers don't want to buy. That means anually 25 billion pieces of clothing = 32,000 Boeings 747 in weight which end up being landfill or being burned. Our Mission Zero Waste fashion I still remember the moment that I made the decission that I need to change something for my planet, OUR planet, My children, OUR children, I'm taking my responsibility and taking action to change something into the fashion industry. My legacy is: I know what my dream is: — Zero Waste fashion. And I know I can’t get there all by myself. Fact is Tshared still is a small player in the global fashion industry. I want the big players to commit to Zero Waste as well. I want to prove to them that there is a better way, a smarter way to buy. Fashion is the 2nd biggest poluting industry in this world. The existing business models are from 1900 and are based on pushing products into the market, without communicating to your consumer what they want to buy! is a smarter way to buy, we produce on demand the cunsumer decides "you choose what we will produce, these are your T-shirts not ours" Welcome to Zero Waste fashion On Demand, Welcome to Tshared Fashion that Contributes and Connects.

Since 1996 I have been working into the fashion industry I studied Retail Mangement and my degree as Bachelor of Commerce in 2003 After that I started working into the wholesale of the clothing industry and had privilege to work together with Karl Lagerfeld, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY and the Dutch designer Hans Ubbink I have always been working into the sales firts national and the last 7 years International. My interst are: Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing, 3D printing, Education Why Tshared: After Hans Ubbink stopped his company due to financial reasons I was so sick and tired of the fashion industry, I did not like to work in the industry anymore. but after 6 months doing something totally different, I asked myself what do I contribute to this world and my answer was NOTHING just selling products. So I decided to pick up my passion again and that is Fashion I love it but the existing system is killing our planet, so I did some research saw the documentary The True Cost which made me cry. Two days later I woke up in the middle of a dream and the name Tshared came to me I wrote it down and I thought this is my purpose in my life this is going to be my legacy I'm going to change the excisting fashion system and make it healthy again. "It is time to buy less but to get more"

Investment needed and use of funds: with €60.000,- Tshared is able make the website, webshop perfect, do marketing to create traffic, pay for photography, produce the first T-shirts, to write content website, working capital, invest in external customer service. With €70,000,- Tshared is able to create a B2B portal in which B2B customers can buy from stock and will be invoiced automatically, and create an dashboard for designers where they can see their turnover, number of designs submitted, their payments, and their followers. With €100,000,- Tshared is able to build an App for the artists and the users of the platform, to optimize the website even more, and buy our own graphic printer to reduce lead times to our customers. Do research to fulfill my dream to produce everything in the Netherlands with employees who have a distance to the workingplace. Risks: That the community is not growing quick enough and the cashflow will be low and not able to keep the momentum going.

I have invested 2200 hours of my time into Tshared at this moment and €20,000,- to get it going. Right now I've build the basics of my website and webshop, unique graphic designs, the quality fabrics and knowledge, and found a factory that needs this product as much as I need them... I just need €60,000,- to do marketing and grow the community, invest in customer service, make the website perfect. Ready for the best part? Beyond this financial impuls and start of Tshared, for every 111 pieces I sell, I can give two children education for a year, so they can become whatever they want to be, instead of being forced working from the age of 10. Just imagine what a different life this child will have. I'm finalising a project to work togehter with Streetkids in Berlin that will make my Graphics and they will earn 10% commission. In the future I would like to start my own production company right here in the Netherlands, with humans that have a distance to the workingspace. f.i. ex convicts, handicapped people etc to learn them something and get them back into society.

afbeelding van Jeroen
Jeroen Ondernemer


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