afbeelding van Richard
Richard Ondernemer

Tree Supporter

We plant forests for companies to fight poverty and climate change simultaneously. We do this using an interactive website.

TreeSupporter reduces the intellectual capacity required to become part of the solution to poverty and climate change. We offer an opportunity for people to interact with tropical forestry projects just by clicking on the mouse. We want companies to start their own forests and interact with people using trees as rewards for watching corporate marketing/social responsibility videos. Trees can also be used by companies as internal rewards for employees who add extra to the workspace. Increasing employee engagement.

TreeSupporter educates farmers in tropical countries on how to create and develop food forests. Creating work in rural areas to mitigate immigration and reduce the refugee crisis. The trees are donated to the farmer to start the food forest and the farmer is guided to follow an award winning sustainable business model in forestry. The people who donated the trees are not faced with daunting news or science which makes fighting social problems more inclusive, approachable and appealing to a wider audience.

Currently you need a linkedin account to plant a tree. You can test the system and plant a tree today by clicking on


afbeelding van Richard
Richard Ondernemer

I'm looking to simplify the solutions to poverty and climate change by using technology. Creating a better world together is better than buying a new world. Educating people on sustainable farming techniques so they can develop their own sustainable forestry business is the key to success. As standing trees have more value than logged ones and a tree increases in value year on year, the increment reduces the costs of fighting poverty by 75% whilst positively impacting climate change at the same time. This equation is the foundation of my personal ambition to remove these two social issues. Social and digital media should play a more positive role in society. With a group of like minded people we are trying to enable this idea and make it possible for everyone to join in the battle against poverty and climate change. I'm focused on providing socially inclusive solutions to global problems. Best of all I have found my goal in life. TreeSupporter is a happy project, a way of providing a day to day inner smile.


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