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The Motown Movement

Making sustainable housing accessible for everyone. We design & share a DIY method to transform a broken-down house into selfsufficient home

The technology to fight climate change is present, but why is it not everybody using it? This issue triggers our passion and the start of our social and green non-profit: The Motown Movement. We are 3 young Dutch Achitecture students from the TU Delft and we have big plans. We upscale the fight against climate change by making sustainable housing accesible for everyone. We design and share a low-budget and do-it-yourself method to transform a broken-down house into a self sufficient home. Our demonstration home will exhibit the results of our research project and will be a shared through our training center and community hub inside the home. So, together we can fight climate change, reinforce communities and save on energy bills. By sharing our exemplary housing project we also push other people to follow through their ideas for change and inspire the mto do the same; turning an initiative into a movement. The Motown Movement is part of a non profit organisation called The Future City Initiative. For more information please visit the website and facebook! The Motown Movement is part of a non profit organisation called The Future City Initiative. For more information please visit the website and facebook!

Before we visited Detroit as architecture students, we expected to see an exceptional phenomenon happening: a metropolitan city in full decay. Instead, we saw a city putting itself back together and recovering its lost glory. What a resilience. This inexhaustible dedication inspired us as young architecture students. When the financial crisis of 2008 forced the municipality of Detroit to file bankruptcy, it looked like the battle was worsening for the city that has been plagued by setbacks. The effects of this catastrophic event are still very present in everyday life: broken-down buildings, empty neighbourhoods and high criminality rates.Therefore, it’s not entirely inexplicable that outsiders think of Detroit as a ghost town. Nonetheless, the inhabitants today will argue very differently. Detroit has managed to do the unthinkable: turn the end of days into a laboratory of the future. The vast increase of people abandoning their homes has created heaps of open lots and left behind a great amount of recyclable materials. Fortunately, it didn’t take long before residents started to recognize its opportunities. Over the last years several great urban initiatives led by entrepreneurial citizens emerged, such as urban farms, art installations, communal sport fields, recycling projects, and more. This powerful adaptiveness of the people of Detroit proves the city to be future proof. Inspired by the Motor City’s Do-It-Yourself spirit, we see great potential in implementing modern but down to earth technologies in the current reconstruction. Together with all Detroiters we want to connect research and education with the community in an open source pavilion for sustainable renovation techniques. On the ground floor of our showcase the methods will be demonstrated and deeply rooted local organisations will provide workshops and lectures. The second floor of the duplex will be given to a family from Detroit who recently lost their home. Meanwhile we will reuse all reclaimable materials from the adjacent blighted house and demolish it, so the empty lot can be used for fresh food production. So summarized: + everybody will be able to visit and learn about the low-tech and low-budget methods for retrofitting their home energy efficiently; + the community will be enhanced with one more home rehabbed and inhabited; + young and creative students put their knowledge to practice for the sake of the community; + the neighbourhood can enjoy and profit from the fresh food, safety and beauty of the site. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE WORKSHOPS The workshops will be provided by our partner EcoWorks, who has been giving workshops with their Residential Training program for over thirty years. They teach people that are behind on their utility bills, how they can reduce their usage. In the end of the workshop the participants get to take home a package to start fixing their home! THE FAMILY The family will be allocated by our partner, the Tricycle Collective. Over the last two years they have been working hard to keep families in their homes. Tax foreclosures are not always preventable, so sometimes she finds the family a new home. We offered them one. THE COMMUNITY Involving the neighbours is critical for the durability of the project. Too often, are neighbourhoods "improved" without asking the inhabitants about their opinion. To ensure we take into account the valuable visions and demands from the people in Hope Village, we are supported by Focus:Hope, the non profit community development center in the area since 1968. THE BUDGET To rehab the house, publicize the results and operate the non profit organisation we will need funding. The total budget exists of €150.000 ! However, it will be mainly funded by sponsors and partners. The can support financially or in kind. Given this is a pilot, start-up costs apply to our budget. A successful crowdfunding campaign can ensure us that we can carry on with our project and show the companies that our ideas are widely supported. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ Why did we choose to go to Detroit? Detroit is still recovering from a heavy setback. Although they are working very hard and have come so far, they can still use our help. The method is particularly applicable in Detroit because its do-it-yourself culture. Moreover, the vast amount of free space and recyclable materials make the perfect ingredients for our project. Why are we the ones to help? We are committed, non for profit, young architecture students. All three of us finished the bachelors degree and are eager to use our knowledge for making a better world. Architecture is a powerful tool in rebuilding and reshaping the current non-sustainable society. We are inspired by the do-it-yourself mindset of the city and want to participate in the developments, adding our own values and ideas for the future city. Why should you help Detroit if you don’t live there? You will not only be helping Detroit. You’re tackling climate change, which affects us all as you certainly know. Also, you’re giving an example of how to live and build sustainable in one of the wealthiest but most polluting countries in the world, the USA. The methods, however, will be usable and publicized over the whole world. How are we going to rebuild without any carpentry experience? We will hire and get help from reliable professionals. Together with our partners in Detroit and the Netherlands we set up a multi-disciplinary team that can handle the job. Our partners are: Focus:Hope, the community development center in the neighbourhood; Ecoworks, a training center for everyone to learn about the weatherization of your home; the Tricycle Collective, keeping Detroit families in their home after being foreclosed; Reclaim Detroit, a contractor that is focussed on the reuse of materials and the implementation of energy efficient systems. What will happen with the house after it’s finished? The house was originally made in 1924 for two families to live in. The two separate homes make it possible to have a mixed function in the home. On the ground floor of our showcase the methods will be demonstrated and deeply-rooted local organisations will provide workshops and lectures. The second floor of the duplex will be given to a family from Detroit who recently lost their home due to tax foreclosures. Can anyone give advice or help on site? Of course. Every support is welcome! We happily accept any volunteers, interns and others. Just let us know!

To make this project a success we need $150.000! Anyone can help trough volunteering and companies can help trough partnership. Either trough sponsoring or by donating your products in our show-case. We are also trying to create a series about the project on Discovery Chanel. There are a lot of opportunities to show your social engagement as company, join the urban laboratory of Detroit and extend your network trough the TU Delft. Don't hesitate to contact us!

Since February we have been working very hard to make this project a success. The project is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, we added three new interns. If you are interested you can contact us on any help is welcome. In October we go again to Detroit for the 3th time. Meanly to speak to partners, find sponsors and speak with the people of Detroit. And ofcours look if the house is still there ;) In November our Dutch acquisition will start and we will finalize the design of the house. In January we will have the go or no go moment. IF we raised enough money we will go to The Motown in February 2017 and start The Movement. Hopefully together with you we can make this project real!

afbeelding van Bob
Bob Ondernemer


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