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My Cash Cares

What if 1% of Every Purchase from Every Store went to Make the World a Better Place? Our change can change the World...

To change the world one purchase at a time. Imagine if 1% of every purchase from every store went towards making the world a better place? People shop. If we need it and can't make it, we often have to buy it and many of us want to contribute to a better world if we can. The "My Cash Cares" programme makes it possible to combine our goodwill with our shopping needs. Our change can really help change the world!

Our purchases say something about what we care about. We speak with our wallets and every (non) purchase shows industry what matters to us--and they respond! Fair Trade and Organic/Bio product sales have increased dramatically over the years, in popularity, availability and normalcy. But many of us would like to do more if possible... " My Cash Cares" is a programme for companies AND consumers to contribute to a better world. When a company signs up, 1% of every sale in every (participating) store is donated to a good cause... from care of orphans, disabled, blijf voor je lijf, community initiatives and after-school programmes, to animal welfare, clean water projects-- anything that makes the world a better, brighter place! Consumers effortlessly contribute a few cents with every purchase--no special purchases necessary. Little bits here and there add up amazingly and make a difference. Our change can change the world!

1. Companies and (profit) orgs to participate, from Ikea to the local entrepreneur or restauraunteur. 2. Orgs on the front lines, giving aid/resources/support/technology/training/fun to those in need, from low income families, orphans, refugees, disabled, animals, widows, wounded, etc., community development programmes, after school programmes, clean water projects, bio toilet projects, etc., locally, nationally, globally. 3. Coordinator(s): To make and strengthen partnerships between business and orgs receiving aid. (also keeping website up to date/communication). 4. Admin./(Financial) Overview/Audit: To ensure funds are making their way from business to the orgs receiving aid. 5. Web Design/Security: To ensure good portal for companies and orgs receiving aid to communicate. Also critical if site will be directly involved in fund transfers (maybe, e.g. through paypal). 6. Logo: Participating Companies get the opportunity to use the "My Cash Cares" logo, on display at check-outs and/or standard printed on the receipts. 7. .... 8. .....

General Plan Overview: 1. Design Logo 2. Make Twitter Page and other social media to help spread word 3. Complete "My Cash Cares" Website 4. Identify and Recruit Participating Companies 5. Identify and Recruit possible participating orgs (to offer to companies) 6. Add Logo placard w/info and/or logo to standard printed receipts of every participating stores (customer awareness/engagement). 7. Increase Partnerships, Spread Word, Go Global! Risks: -Starting from zero: We will need a few koplopers (big name brands) to set a trend for others to follow. -Strained overview of money: This programme operates, in theory, on trust of the participating companies to collect and oversee the funds they are raising. While payments to the receiving orgs could be made on standard monthly basis, it is unclear how we could accurately monitor this (bank receipts..?) -Maintaining Manpower: Having enough manpower to handle exponentially increasing interest of companies, participating orgs and maybe even customer engagement will be a challenge. -Supporting company should sign some Trust agreement to help ensure no misuse or embezzlement of funds. -Receiving org should meet some criteria to avoid possible misappropriation of funds. -If consumers do not support the receiving org they may be less inclined to shop there (resolve possibly with mandatory of rotating/changing of orgs every e.g. 6 months?). Opportunities: -Company can decide which org they want to support--gives room for own initiative. -"My Cash Cares" Logo: This logo is a game changer. The Fairtrade swirl, burgundy Utz, or black EKO letters help direct consumer purchases. If consumers see the My Cash Cares logo on display at the check-out and/or on individual receipts when they made their purchase, they may have the added "feel good" feeling and be more willing to buy at that store. -Securing a Koploper: This will help start a domino effect for other companies to get on board. -Further customer engagement: Customers may be inspired to do more when they learn about the programme. Some may want to be programme Stewards, helping solicit companies in their local areas. Customer Partnerships and a possible web portal for volunteers may have to be realized.

afbeelding van Jasmine
Jasmine Ondernemer

People-passionate collaborator and advocate who believes in social justice and the power of good will. Money can be a root of evil, but it can also be a seed for good! Join me in the fight for a better world, one receipt at a time!


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