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Jongeren statement voor opening klimaatonderhandelingen COP20

Wederom een ander blogje dan jullie gewend zijn. Ditmaal deel ik de openingsspeech die is gehouden door de jongeren hier op COP. Ik heb hem niet zelf mogen voordragen maar de Nederlandse jongerenvertegenwoordigers hebben, met trots, een significante bijdrage aan de inhoud geleverd. Daarom delen wij deze voordracht graag met jullie. Veel leesplezier!

Distinguished Delegates,

My name is Juan Jesus Vazquez Milling and I speak for YOUNGO, the Youth constituency of UNFCCC. I thus speak for the youth of the world, more than half the world’s population.

Last year, we began COP19 in the shadow of an unprecedented climate disaster, Typhoon Haiyan. Ten thousand innocent people died. I ask you all, if this is our present, what will our future be like?

I ask you all, if this is our present, what will our future be like?

We ended COP19 with an unprecedented alliance, the #volveremos walkout. We declared that we would walk away to build our movements back home - and we did. September saw an unprecedented mass mobilization in the People’s Climate March.

Now, we are back - with the largest secular fast in history underway today. Tens of thousands fast worldwide today. These events show there is massive support all over the world far an AMBITIOUS agreement in Paris. Please give the people of the world, the people back home in your countries what they ask for. What they cry out for. Here at COP20, with Paris approaching fast, we stand at a crossroad. In choosing the path we want to follow we believe it is important that we remind ourselves of the fundamentals that bind all of us together all of us here in the room, all of the people back home, all life on earth. There is division in the world. There are wars raging as we speak. And it’s saddening. But we are all here with the same ultimate goal. To solve climate change and secure a healthy planet for us and future generations to live on and live meaningful healthy lives. We are united. Please let this knowledge, feeling of unity, and respect for human rights guide our choices and influence the direction we choose to take at this important crossroads. There is no going back and the journey must begin today, with all of us, together.

Now at COP20 we have the opportunity to really achieve progress. We, the youth of planet Earth ask our leaders to give us the most pleasant surprise imaginable. We ask you to exceed our expectations by creating a genuine pathway to a safe, healthy, prosperous and  zero carbon world. We must address the extraction of oil, coal and gas directly – an issue that is strangely lacking from the UNFCCC so far. It is not enough to pay lip service to reducing emissions while continuing to support more fossil extraction. Listen to us, your citizens, your children, and the most important, listen to our Pacha Mama. At the local and national level, include youth voices in decision making processes

Thank you.

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